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Beyond Paradise star reveals why he was 'disappointed' after reuniting with co-star after 36 years

Peter's character was recently involved in a shock twist. Warning: spoilers ahead...

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Beyond Paradise star reveals why he was 'disappointed' after reuniting with co-star after 36 years
Millie Jackson
Freelance Writer
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Fans were left shocked after the fourth episode of Beyond Paradise, when Peter Davison's character 'Richard' turned out to not only be using a fake name, but also had a secret wife! 

Richard and Anne (Barbara Flynn) had been enjoying a budding romance after the single pensioner decided to download a dating app and give swiping a try, much to the concern of daughter Martha (Sally Breton) who watches her mother's dating adventures with some apprehension. 

Peter and Barbara in Beyond Paradise © BBC
Peter and Barbara in Beyond Paradise

The former Doctor Who star told HELLO! and other publications of his disappointment at his character's fall from grace. "Your first instinct as an actor is selfishness and thinking: 'Oh, I can't be in any more of the series'. Then Barbara came up with the idea that maybe I could go to prison and we could continue a prison romance, like people do.  

"So we were searching for ways to try and persuade Lindsay, the producer, to find a way to bring me back, because it's a nice series to do. I was very disappointed on a personal note."

However, clearly Peter loved his time on the show, and spoke about how much he'd love to work with Barbara again if they bring Richard back one day.

Barbara Flynn and her on-screen daughter Sally Breton© Getty
Barbara Flynn and her on-screen daughter Sally Breton

Barbara and Peter have worked together previously on A Very Peculiar Practice and comedy series Pat & Cabbage, where Peter also played Barbara's love interest. 

"Rather than a long-running romance with Barbara Flynn, I turn out to be a cad. So it was tinged with disappointment because it was so nice to work with Barbara again," Peter reflected. 

Kris Marshall and Zahra Ahmadi in Beyond Paradise © Red Planet Pictures/David Appleby/BBC
Kris Marshall and Zahra Ahmadi star in Beyond Paradise

The door may not be completely closed, however, as Peter's character could offer an explanation that might explain his behaviour or reconcile him with Anne. Fans will have to wait until next week to see if Anne ditches the dating apps for good, or if she's not ready to give up on love just yet. 

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Beyond the not-so-sleepy town of Shipton Abbot, Peter is very much open to other opportunities in the same cinematic universe. The newly announced spin-off series, Return to Paradise, for example: "I'd have me a job in Australia", said Peter, smiling. "I'd be down there like a shot." 

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