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Capricorn forecast for Friday April 19, 2024

Updated 14 hours ago
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In our dreams relationships are easy. But even people who stay solo and attach themselves to inanimate objects (like cars/houses) are privy to moments of frustration. So it's hardly surprising that when we're attached to a 'thing' that happens to have a mind of its own (not to mention emotions) it can be challenging. Just because someone in your world is going through a process of change isn't a reason to panic. Au contraire. Keep on loving them. This weekend brings proof that the change of dynamic is exciting and positive.

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April 18, 2024

You've got a concept of what's possible, an idea of what you want to achieve, and a vision of what you need to do to achieve it. But there's something wrong with your assumptions. You're basing them on what you know; not on what you might be about to find out. And 'what you're about to find out' will be enlightening. So, be patient today. It's more important to gather extra information than it is for you to continue with your current plan. The coming Jupiter/Uranus link brings news that will propel you forwards. Yay!

April 17, 2024

Discoveries aren't always exciting. We might uncover something that forces us to reevaluate our intentions. Or find an uncomfortable fact about someone, that makes us rethink our relationship. The information coming your way is important and powerful. But it's not going to be difficult to absorb. Your task is to be as open-minded as possible. And to allow it to settle before deciding to respond. If you're prepared to adapt and adjust, and seek the most positive way to look at what it indicates, this could be positively life-changing.

April 16, 2024

Our mind plays tricks on us. We see things out of the corner of our eye that would never be visible if we really focused on them. We unconsciously project our hopes onto people (and situations) that look as if they might help us fulfill them. We're confident that we're living in the real world, while inwardly, we're in the land of make-believe. Under this inspiring cosmic climate, take a bold reality check. If you awaken from a dream, you'll realise that you're coming round to a very attractive new truth. Then you can start to action it.

April 15, 2024

The people who fill our websites and newspapers with news have important decisions to make. They have to decide which items will grab the headlines. This involves a balance between what really matters, and what their readers want to read. If they don't reflect their audience's interests, they risk losing them to another information source. You're under pressure to see something from someone else's viewpoint. If you want to keep the lines of communication open, be sensitive. But don't lose sight of your priorities.

April 14, 2024

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Our Satnavs can tell us exactly where we are, at any given moment. Our watches are accurate to the nanosecond. We've got all sorts of devices that measure all sorts of useful things. But fairness... we haven't found a way of assessing that quality. If only. Just think of all the time we'd save trying to get other people to do 'their fair share'. There'd be no arguing with a fairness-barometer! While we wait for someone to invent one, use your internal device. Trust your heart this week. You'll know what's right (and what's not).

April 13, 2024

Your Weekly Horoscope: Some people enjoy taking things apart to investigate how they work. All is well... until they struggle to put them back together! The same principle can be applied to our relationships. Some things should be left to their own devices. Deconstructing them makes a mess and causes distress. Now, what about the situation in your world that's not working as well as you'd like? It needs fixing. But a light touch will be more effective than a dismantling job. With gentleness, you can find a lovely way to get things back on track this week.