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Sarah Jessica Parker just made this UK fashion brand go viral in under an hour

And Just Like That, SJP causes a sellout…

7 minutes ago
Laura Sutcliffe
Fashion and Beauty News Editor
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Sarah Jessica Parker and her Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw have one definite thing in common - they are both total fashion icons. Anything either of them wears is frequently followed and coveted by many, and SJP may be almost 60 now, but her fashion influence is as big as it was when she was in her forties.

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The mother-of-three championed British brand O Pioneers on her Instagram account on Thursday, sharing a photo on her main feed. This is almost unheard of in the celebrity world without commercial payment of some kind, so to see this organic shout was wonderful to see.

Sarah Jessica Parker on stage during her stint in The Plaza Suite in London© Getty
SJP during her stint in The Plaza Suite in London

While staying in London during her stint in the play Plaza Suite at The Savoy Theatre, the actress visited the O Pioneers shop and selected a stunning skirt. Brand founders Clara and Tania reportedly played around with different offcuts and brought the wife of Matthew Broadwick's dream to life. The mid-calf to full-length style has large side pockets and is a true statement piece.

Sarah Jessica loves one-off pieces like this, and she always rocks trends before the rest of us catch on, so the fact she has picked up this skirt means you can bet this particular, prom-style will be all over fashion blogs and TikTok feeds before you know it. 

Model wearing O Pioneers floral skirt worn by Sarah Jessica Parker© O Pioneers
SJP made this O Pioneers skirt sellout in record time

We can't wait to see how she styles it. We wonder if it will make it onto our screens during series three of And Just Like That…? After all, filming has just commenced. 

Sarah Jessica Parker's shares a picture on Instagram of floral skirt by O Pioneers
Sarah Jessica Parker's snap of the O Pioneers skirt

Uploading a snap of the dress in all its glory in a total flat lay vibe, the 59-year-old captioned: "Ohhhhh!!!! @o_pioneersuk !!! I haven’t worn a skirt in forever. I opened the parcel, received in London and last evening called for her charm. Oh she was wonderful and I promenaded up 7th ave and think I had the prettiest frock for blocks.Thank you, I love what you do. X, SJ PS fits perfectly! PPS YES!! @libertylondon fabrics which is specialty fabric for @o_pioneersuk !"

The £395 skirt sold out in 45 minutes flat and has proved so popular that it is now ready for preorder to accommodate demand.The brand's ethos is one that anyone can go on board with. They are big believers in slow, sustainable fashion, individual dressing and quality clothing. Everything they produce is made using London based seamstresses and craftswomen to reduce mileage, and amazingly, the brand's knitwear is made by a WhatsApp community full of women of all ages who knit the knitwear in their spare time! Incredible.

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