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Amanda Owen's son Reuben reveals how parents shared shock divorce news with kids and its consequences on their family

The Our Yorkshire Farm star is about to embark on his own new TV show….

52 minutes ago
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Amanda Owen's 20-year-old son Reuben opened up about the moment his parents revealed the news they were getting a divorce to him and his eight siblings. 

Head of the family featured on the documentary series Our Yorkshire Farm, Amanda and Clive, shocked fans in June 2022 when it was announced they had split after 22 years together. Reuben has since opened up about hearing the news, explaining that Amanda and Clive sat him and siblings down to explain their decision.

Amanda Owen smiling alongside son Reuben© Instagram
Reuben has an exceptionally close bond with his mum

During an interview with the MailOnline,  Reuben admitted that Amanda and Clive sat them down and explained their decision to split. Reuben is clearly loyal to both parents, with him and his siblings accepting the split as one of those things that happens in life."Yeah, they spoke about it, but it's not really a big deal between any of us," he said.

 "It's quite simple really. Everyone gets along great. It's not really changed for any of us, if you get me.Asked whether his parents have been pragmatic and made sure nothing else has changed, Reuben added: "Yes, they decided and that was that. They are happy as they are." 

Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen with ex-husband Clive© ANL/Shutterstock
Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen with ex-husband Clive

Talking about how his younger siblings reacted, he added: "'They are not fussed,  they go to whichever house they want. Everyone makes it work. Beyond that, it's not my business. All I want is for them to be happy. That is all that matters. They are happy, and that's all that counts".

Amanda Owen with three of her children © Instagram
Amanda Owen with three of her young children

Fans watched Rueben grow up on Our Yorkshire Farm until it was cancelled in December 2022 months after news of Amanda and Clive's split was revealed. 

As well as Reuben, the couple share Raven, 22, Miles, 16, Edith, 14, Violet, 12, Sidney, 11, Annas, nine, Clemmy, seven, and Nancy, six.

A photo of Amanda Owen and her children
Reuben is about to have his own show

Amanda previously opened up about the separation with the Radio Times. She said of the split: "Look, there are two simple facts: if he thought I was brilliant and I thought he was brilliant, then we wouldn't have separated. It's a fact, isn't it? But you know what, that's not unique.

"It's just how things are, pressures, all the rest of it. But we have nine kids, with associated friends, girlfriends, and we just have to get on with it.'

Reuben has now landed his own show: Reuben: Life in the Dales, which starts next week and will see him and his two friends, Sarah and Tom, away from the farm, as he attempts to establish his own groundworks business. 

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