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How I learned to dream bigger - and you can too

Transformational coach Sarah Fletcher shares her best advice for breaking away from our inhibitions

How I learned to dream bigger - and you can too
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Leaving my teaching career after 18 years to go all in with my business was a huge decision and I was terrified. 

Even though I was scared, deep down every part of my being knew it was the right thing to do and the desire to make a bigger impact in the world could no longer be ignored.

Ever since changing my own life with Neuro Linguistic Programming back in 2003, I had dreamed that one day I would become a certified trainer myself and help others to change theirs.

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Breaking free

The sticking point was that like many people, I was programmed for security and safety over dreaming big and believing that anything is possible.

I was also too invested in listening to others' opinions (and fears), rather than turning inwards to listen to my own inner wisdom and true guidance.

Stop rejecting yourself

How often in your life have you rejected the soft voice from your heart that knows what is right for you? When have you felt the fire in your belly and excitement running through every cell of your being, only to be abruptly stopped by self-doubt and the inner critic that tells you you're not good enough.

How many times have you let the negative committee in your head get louder and drown out the quiet voice that knows your purpose?

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You're certainly not alone in this. My own breakthrough was when I realised that breaking free could only happen by turning inwards and giving myself permission to dream bigger. 

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Shut out the noise

When you learn to turn inwards and shut out the external noise your sensory channels are open and receptive to listening to the wisdom of your mind and body. You already know what you truly desire, what is deeply important to you and what lights you up.

Dreaming big requires you to release fears that no longer serve you so that you can begin taking courageous action. As a coach trained in methodologies rooted in neuroscience and Positive Psychology, I firmly believe that anyone can learn the art of dreaming big.

We all have far more scope for living incredible lives than we have probably ever imagined. Harnessing the wisdom of your brain and body begins with trusting that you already have the answers within you.

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Tuning in and asking questions

Close your eyes and breathe deeply, focusing on trusting in your inner guidance. Start with placing your hand on your heart and with a smile feel positive emotions of gratitude and appreciation for yourself.

Then ask yourself what do you truly desire? Breathe deeply continuing to feel all the positive emotions and ask yourself for ideas and options of how you can create a wonderful life filled with everything you ever wanted.

Breathe back down into your heart and then move your breath and awareness into your belly. 

Ask your gut who you need to become to be all that you are capable of. What actions will you take, what will you believe about yourself and what will you see, hear, and feel as you dream big?

You are the creator

Your ability to dream big will enhance and grow with the questions that you ask yourself. How can you be the most compassionate, creative, and courageous version of yourself every single day?

Unlock possibilities 

Imagine the possibilities for your life as you tune into your ability to dream bigger and become more of who you are truly meant to be. 

I turned my dream into a successful six-figure business that changed my life and the lives of thousands of others. At my recent best-selling book launch a friend said to me: "This is what dreams are made of, Sarah." She was absolutely right. 

In the words of Walt Disney: "If you can dream it, you can do it." 

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Sarah Fletcher's book KISS Your Life is available now.

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